Yémen, la guerre qu'on nous cache

Yemen, the Hidden War

Photographs by Véronique de Viguerie

Text by Manon Querouil-Bruneel

Photo report on the war in Yemen

Journalists Véronique de Viguerie and Manon Querouil-Bruneel travelled to Yemen to investigate the war.
Along with the Saudi-led coalition bombings—near-daily occurrences in Yemen that sometimes target civilians— the people of northern Yemen, under siege for years, are facing water, fuel, food, and medical shortages. Every ten minutes, a child dies, often of a perfectly treatable illnesss. Child soldiers serve as canon fodder on the frontlines. Fuel, humanitarian aid, and medications are overtaxed by those corrupted by power.

35 colored photographs
35 pictures 40x50 cm (16x20 inches)
Possibility to print bigger pictures on white back paper
Nielsen wooden frame, 50x60 cm (20x23 inches)