Cet amour


Lovers of the world

Photograph by Mathieu Do Duc

Texts by Gaëlle Rauche and Marc Alexandre Oho Bambe

Box set of 15 black and white photographs

Size: 11x16cm (4.3x6.2 inches)

ISBN: 978-2-919436-24-8 / 9782919436248


Prix : 10 €

Why taking pictures of lovers? Probably because I am like the Prévert's character in his poem For you my love, and in order to imitate him, I could write that I photograph for you, I photograph for me ... And during my city wanderings, during my travels, no matter where, I watched signs of this love whenever I can.

The box set contains 15 black and white photographic cards, together with text by the author. Published as a limited edition, these box sets are carefully produced. The beautiful appearance and the quality enhance the view of the author on the topic.