Photographs by A. Albert and P. Verzone

Foreword by Christian Caujolle 

"Librement" Series ("Freely")

120 pages - 82 photographs

Photographic report, portraits

Black and white pictures

Size: 22x22 cm (8.6x8.6 inches)

ISBN: 978-2-919436-05-7 / 9782919436057


Prix : 10 €

Seeuropeans is a series of portraits of European people on the beach (1994-2002). Albert and Verzone's photographic project was set around 1994 throughout Europe. They aimed at creating a large portrait gallery of the European on the beach. All beaches may look similar, and so do those who frequent them. Nevertheless, the portraits stemming from their investigations emphasize the numerous differences that may exist between people on the European beaches, from north to south. What mainly emerges from these pictures is how, on the beach, the particularities of the society to which we belong can be expressed in a surprising way. And, in the present context, it appeared essential to the two photographers to bring out the multiplicity, the individuality and the singularities of everyone, according to the country in which this one moves.