Héritages / Déshéritage

Given Heritage, Lost Heritage

Industrial Landscapes of Marseille

Photographs by Abed Abidat

Texts by Jean-Louis Marçot

276 pages - 190 photographs

Black and white pictures

Size: 30x30 cm (11.8x11.8 inches)

ISBN: 978-2-919436-19-4 / 9782919436194


Prix : 10 €

This project was born the day Abed Abidat learned that the SICTIA factory, which produced sweet almond oil in the center of Marseille, was going to be pulled down. He had worked there as a temp in the 1990s. The necessity and urgency to preserve the site immediately appeared obvious to the photographer. After his first report, others followed his lead through the years. Given Heritage, Lost Heritage merges the themes of life and death, of tradition and development, of fatalism and revolt, of humans and machines. The challenge is to know, see, feel and understand the memories of those places and people, after the loss of what made them what they were.

This book was awarded the 2015 Fine Arts Prize of the Marseille Sciences, Arts and Literature Academy.