Le Caire - Portraits (série limitée)

Cairos - limited series


Before the national release on November 20, 2020, the photographer offers us copies numbered and signed from 1 to 30 which are the subject of a leading edition including the book with a photograph from the book drawn by the author.
Photographs and text by Arnaud du Boistesselin
Signed and numbered by the auteur

120 pages - 90 black and white photographs
Size: 22x22 cm (8.2x8.2 inches)
Print size: 20x20 cm (7,87x7,87 inches)

Prix : 75 €

In 2002, I live in the city center of Cairos. Everyday, I go out for a stroll to understand this city. To show and reveal what I can see, I take pictures of humans, animals, houses and roads. I hide in my hand a small digital camera and shoot pictures without thinking. The subjects do not know they are photographed, they cannot compose their characters. This technique allows me not to compose a sophisticated picture.