Être vivant

Being Alive

Trees of the world

Photographs by Angélique Boudet

Text by Francis Hallé

"Monde" series ("World")

Box set of 13 black and white photographs

Size: 11x16cm (4.3x6.2 inches)

ISBN: 978-2-919436-25-5 / 9782919436255


Prix : 10 €

Agélique Boudet is often inspired by nature. She tries to discover what is hidden behind trees. Nature is the essence of everything, purity, life and death, the source of every single thing. Nature had been developping on earth a long time before human beings and cities, it reminds us of the passage of time. Photography is the witness of this.

The box set contains 13 black and white photographic cards, together with text by the author. Published as a limited edition, these box sets are carefully produced. The beautiful appearance and the quality enhance the view of the author on the topic.