Lire à tout prix

Reading at all cost

Photographs by Mathieu Do Duc

Foreword by Éric Sarner

Afterword by Claude-Alain Arnaud

Drawing by Marcelino Truong

120 pages – 85 photographs

Black and white pictures

Size: 21 x 21 cm (8,3 x 8,3 inches)

ISBN: 978-2-919436-33-0 / 9782919436330

Prix : 25 €

"Readers, men and women, young and older, read in the street, in the subway, in a parc, in a plane, and many other places, some places are stange and some are common. They read a newspaper, a paperback, a magazine, a printed add, a tourist guide, a map... whether they are alone or in a group."

Mathieu Do Duc presents to us a series of photographs that reveals his love of reading and his feeling of gratefulness to those who helped him gow up as a reader, an artist and a person. He shows us which place books have in his life and in his artistic work. Above all he prouves us that if reading seems mundane, it has actually never been so.

Mathieu Do Duc is also a high school teacher. He meets a lot of students who never read. Reading became a source of discomfort or disgust. Reading at all cost is a response to those student that are tired of hearing that they must read. The artist thinks reading is useles and that is precisely the reason why it is interesting.