Phenomenon in Gaza

Phenomenon in Gaza (forthcoming)

Photographs by Mahmoud Alkurd

Texts by Momen Ashour

"Phenomenons in Societies" series

132 pages - 60 photographs

Bilingual book, french and english

Size: 24x23 cm (9.4x9 inches)

ISBN : 978-2-919436-34-7 / 9782919436347

Coming soon

Prix : 25 €

Phenomenon in Gaza is composed of colored photographs and a short story. The idea of the book was generated out of the authors’ feeling of the necessity of having a simple, yet powerful tool to showcase the situation in Gaza in addition to the story of Palestine. Mahmoud Alkurd makes photographs that have a story line.
The series presents the Palestinian cause from a Palestinian perspective. It presents the sequence of events that led to the current situation in Palestine. Each photograph and the accompanied text project the reality of Palestine in a simple way, yet powerful and enjoyable, it sheds the light on the daily tragedies that the Palestinian live due to the Israeli occupation.
Through his writing, Mo’men Ashour goes inside the characters’ heads, narrating their inner thoughts, feelings, fears, hesitations... The author wants to expose the feelings the characters had during the moment of capturing the image. Thus, the author is pouring the thoughts and feelings of the characters out to all the readers for them to understand the tragedies that the characters had to go through. By using this technique, he narrates one possible story behind the photograph with preserving the anonymity of the character that might be based on a real one.