Europa inch'Allah

Europa Inch'Allah

Photographs: Stephanos Mangriotis

With an afterward by: Laurence Pillant and Amnesty International

Series: Librement

Photographic report

108 pages

Dimensions: 22 x 22 cm (8,6 x 8,6 inches)

ISBN: 978-2-919436-02-6


Prix : 25 €

Patras is a place of transit. This port in western Greece is a gathering place for many migrants, from Afghanistan, Irak, Iran, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, Algeria and Morocco. They are waiting for the right moment to hide away in a lorry and board a ship bound for Italy. Full of determination, but faced with the fear of being caught, they wait for months, even years, to take the next step of their clandestine journey, yet fully aware of new obstacles that await them on the road towards the European dream, ''Europa inch’Allah''.

This publication was issued with the support of Amnesty International.